Write For Us

The Sewingtopgear team invites the cooperation of sewing experts. In addition, you can suggest a topic that seems relevant to you at the moment or send information worthy, in your opinion, to become an occasion for an article.
However, we have some terms and conditions which we follow for guest posts which we would like to mention beforehand. We try our best to keep terms clear and activities transparent to keep healthy and long business relations. 🙂
  1. Not all the articles are accepted, we will provide the reason for the non-acceptance of the article. Articles once published will not be removed unless agreed upon and decided by us. We do not accept dating, adult dating, casino, gambling, porn, sports betting links.
  2. We reserve the right to make some corrections to submitted content depending on the requirements.
  3. We may add links to already existing content in our blog as a part of our internal linking and better structuring of the website.
  4. Your link should be found functional and must not be broken. Broken links are frequently checked and removed from time to time. It is your responsibility to monitor the links placed.
  5. No refund is provided & the link is removed if your URL links to offensive or illegal content if your links are found to be modified and pointing to offensive websites/ material.
  6. If your content is published but later found to be inappropriate or copied, we reserve the right to remove it without any refund.
  7. Payment needs to be made within agreed-upon time once the article has been published & the live URL is provided to you.

Content Requirements

So, you’ve thought up and agreed on a topic and are ready to start writing (or you’ve already written and want to edit). What requirements will be imposed on your material before publication:

  1. Uniqueness. We accept only unique materials and do not publish articles that have been previously published on other sites. We also don’t consider rewrite and translations.
  2. Volume. The post needs to be 800+ words in length and the site to which the link will be added has to be relevant to our blog. One do-follow link is allowed within the post. Using a large number of too long/short sentences is unacceptable.
  3. Errors. The text should not contain grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, typographical, semantic, and other errors. If the final article needs only a small correction, we will correct it ourselves. But if it needs more work on design and editing – we’ll return it for revision.
  4. Illustrations. It is desirable for your material to contain illustrations and visual examples: screenshots, photos, videos, tables.
  5. Structure. Try to dilute the “wall” of text with headings, subheadings, lists, and quotes.
  6. Relevance. All information in the text should be reliable, examples – based on current data, and all mentioned tools, sites, or services – working.
  7. Aggressive advertising. We will not publish material written with the sole purpose of advertising a product.

Are you ready to write for Sewingtopgear?

If you have original, useful, and previously unpublished materials about sewing, send them to writeforus@keepitportable.com and share your pitch idea!