Singer vs Brother sewing machines comparison

It is believed that the sewing machine was invented by Isaac Singer, but in fact, Singer invented and patented only a needle with an eyelet at the base, thanks to which sewing is possible. But long before that, sewing machines were invented and used, but not in the modern form, of course, not with the modern sewing principle, but rather, as some mechanisms that facilitate (and perhaps even complicate) manual sewing.

 Sewing Machine

In fact, any, even the most simple sewing machine can help you in creating a masterpiece. In the end, the epoch of great couturiers was in the second half of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century, when sewing machines only came into use and were quite simple. Neither about computer management, nor about the electric drive was out of the question, but such great masters as Charles Worth, Elsa Schiaparelli, and Coco Chanel lived and created in those days.

At the same time, it’s silly to deny that a good and properly selected sewing machine saves a lot of time, effort and nerves of the master. How to make the right choice? Let’s try to understand which sewing machine is better. In this article, we will compare such brands as Singer and Brother.

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We analyzed reviews of Singer and Brother sewing machines and compared them by several key criteria.

What do you need to know?

On average 70% of buyers are satisfied with the purchase.

Pros (according to the criteria): sewing quality, noise level, reliability – this indicators are higher than average in both Brother and Singer sewing machines.

The manufacturer has always sought to produce such equipment, which at a low cost would meet all the basic requirements. And the basic requirements in the modern world are very high because we all want to acquire quality, functionality, universality, power, convenience, unpretentiousness, etc. and all this for less money. Is it possible?

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question because each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the optimal ratio of our requirements to our capabilities determines the price range when choosing a particular technique.

Let’s consider the most important criteria.

Sewing speed.

Mechanical machines Singer have a high speed of sewing, but make noise during work. The great advantage of Brother‘s sewing machines in front of other models is the fastest sewing speed.

sewing speed


The power consumption of the engine in electronic machines can be an order of magnitude lower than in electromechanical ones, but this does not mean that they are weaker. Singer models have good power. Among Brother sewing machines there are also models with low power, therefore, for a more accurate choice of a sewing machine, it is better to get detailed information from a consultant.

Type of sewing machine.

Both Brother and Singer have mechanical and computer models in their arsenal.

By the way, here are the main differences between electronic and electromechanical models:

The number of operations performed on mechanical models is limited, due to the technical features of the sewing machine, there is no limitation in the number of performed operations in computer sewing machines due to the presence of an electronic unit. In addition, electronic models are very user-friendly. It is enough to press the desired button and the machine will perform the operation with the default settings, but you can also enter your parameters if you want. On mechanical models, stitch parameters are set manually, and then with certain types of adjustments. Electronic models, thanks to stepper motors, are able to build complex stitching structures.

Mechanical machines. Mechanical machines Singer have a high speed of sewing, but make noise during work. The only drawback of mechanical models Brother is also making noise when working.

Computerized models. Brother brand has models that perfectly cope with thin (organza, chiffon), medium (cotton, costume) and knitted fabrics, but, in turn, it will be more difficult to handle with more dense fabrics. Also, there are models that will work with dense fabrics confidently, but it can be difficult to work with thin knitted fabrics. But you can also find such models of Brother sewing machines that will perfectly handle both materials – these are computerized models. Computer models Singer are also equipped with a large number of operations with a wide range of functions and capabilities.


Brother received the German international award “iF-communication design award” for the control panel created for the sewing and embroidery machine “Innov-is I”. In the development of machines, various design methods are used to make the user feel the best quality of models, including “working” sounds and high-quality graphics.

Innov-is I

According to the staff of the Brother company, an important role is played by improving the design for a sewing or embroidering machine, so that the customer can comfortably use the technique. Brother further plans to take part in such international competitions and will strive to improve the design and comfort of using its products for consumers.

Among the models of sewing machines Singer there are models with an angled design, which looks very unusual and original.

singer sewing machine


Comfortable sewing is one of the main features, which most buyers focus on, but of course, not every model can boast it. In general, both Brother and Singer models can be considered as comfortable machines where the averaged parameters are already specified, or in which there is the possibility of adjusting the parameters.

Singer sewing machines in addition to the standard set of removable parts are equipped with a very detailed instruction and a convenient cover. The body has a rotary knob, which makes it easy to move the device to any distance.

Some customers pay attention to the fragility of plastic, from which the pedal is made, compared with Brother sewing machines.


The versatility of the sewing machine determines the number of different fabrics and materials that can be sewed on this machine. Professional seamstresses and amateurs who were lucky enough to become owners of popular models of Singer and Brother sewing machines note the high quality of the seams and the ability to sew any fabrics other than very tightly stretched jersey. Even the most inexpensive models of sewing machines Singer are equipped with a stitch width regulator and are equipped with several paws that are easy to change by yourself.

We hope this article will help you when choosing a sewing machine.