9 Best sewing machines for beginners 2020

The question of buying a sewing machine may arise in every family. Going to buy a device, everyone asks the question: what sewing machine to choose for beginners?

Someone can not pick up an outfit by figure. Someone is a rational mistress or just wanted to do it as a hobby. Or maybe frequent hikes in the atelier gave rise to this decision to save the budget?

If the motives for buying each mistress is clear, then it is hard to determine the wide variety of machines offered. But still, it’s possible. This review presents some of the best machines for beginners, with which you can do needlework.

best pick
Janome 2212

Janome 2212


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  • acceptable price
  • quite a wide range of functionality
  • elementary management

runner up
Singer 8780

Singer 8780


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  • horizontal shuttle
  • automatic threading
  • works almost silently

budget pick
Singer Start 1304

Singer Start 1304


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  • attractive appearance and reliable assembly
  • acceptable price
  • works perfectly with all kinds of fabrics and threads

Janome 2212

Janome 2212The Janome 2212 sewing machine is perfect for home use by a beginner seamstress. In total, this model has 14 functions. Among them there are:

  • semi-automatic hinges
  • stitches of different kinds (straight, hidden, overlocking, elastic)
  • and much more

They will be quite enough for living conditions. There are two rotary handles for choosing the mode of operation.

Directly above the working space, there is a six-point thread tension regulator. This allows working with both thin and coarse threads.

There is a reverse function that allows you to sew in the opposite direction. Three interchangeable legs for different fabrics come with the unit.

Also in the set, there are several spools, a screwdriver to change the needle if necessary. Also here you will find a medium-stiff brush for quick and proper care of the device.


  • Acceptable price.
  • Quite a wide range of functionality.
  • Elementary management, which is easy to figure out.
  • There’s backlighting.
  • Hardly makes any noise during work.

A special container is provided in the design to store all these extra elements. It also serves as an extra table. Although sewing may be necessary without it if it is necessary to sew round parts of the garment.

The work area is illuminated. This sewing machine is equipped with a light bulb of only 5 watts. This is quite enough for quality lighting. Access to it is quite easy, so you can replace it yourself.

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Singer 8780

Singer 8780Sewing machine Singer 8780 is equipped with a horizontal shuttle. It does not need care during the operation.

It does not need to be lubricated, besides, it almost does not create noise. In using the shuttle is very simple, complete with transparent bobbins.

Due to this will be perfectly visible in the volume of the remaining thread. On the body is a button start / stop the engine, so you can sew without using a pedal.

The width of the stitch is adjustable, and this parameter changes smoothly. This allows you to choose the optimal stitch.

The step of changing the width is 1 mm.


  • Control by means of an integrated computer.
  • A significant number of functions.
  • Horizontal shuttle.
  • Automatic threading.
  • It works almost silently.
  • It can be used without pedaling.

The machine has a built-in computer. It allows you to instantly select the most appropriate program. In total, it has 207 functions and a memory capable of storing up to 30 combinations of stitches.

There is a lever on the front panel that can change the sewing speed. There is also an LCD display that shows all the selected functions. A double-needle can be operated if required.

The range of equipment is very wide. Here you get eight legs at once, three spool holders, a set of needles, a screwdriver and an oil bottle. Another interesting feature is that you can fill the thread in automatic mode, which saves a lot of time.

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Singer Start 1304

Singer Start 1304The sewing machine Singer Start 1304 has a very beautiful appearance. Also, it is characterized by an excellent assembly.

The body is made of durable and reliable plastic. All its elements are firmly matched to each other.

Thus, over time, there is no backlash or squeaking. The product is equipped with a set of all necessary functions.

They will be required for a beginner seamstress. The machine is simple and quite easy to operate.

The selector of operations has an original Soft Touch coating. It is very pleasant to the touch. The length of the stitch is adjustable.

All the reel holders, as well as the foot adapter, are made of durable metal. The machine is mounted on rubber anti-slip legs. They will greatly reduce the vibration during operation.


  • Attractive appearance and reliable assembly.
  • Acceptable price.
  • There are all the necessary features for a beginner.
  • Works perfectly with all kinds of fabrics and threads.

The working area is quite large. The design allows for a reversible stroke and has a double-needle sewing function. On the body, there is a folding hint that allows you to choose the most appropriate operation.

If necessary, the foot can be replaced very quickly. A special zipper foot can also be found in the kit.

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Singer Heavy Duty 4411

Singer Heavy Duty 4411Sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4411 can be classified as semi-professional. But, it is perfect for beginners.

It has an acceptable price, high performance. There is also a clear system for selecting the length and width of the stitch.

These parameters can be adjusted if necessary. The model is electromechanical and very convenient to use.

Besides, it has a very attractive and stylish appearance. The range is quite wide – there are 13 main functions.

The most used are buttonhole sweeping, classic straight, decorative and other stitches.


  • Modest and concise appearance.
  • Easy to use.
  • There is an overlock for working with various materials, including denim.
  • There’s no slipping at the seams.

If necessary, you can darn your clothes on the machine. The working area is illuminated quite well by a small 5 Watt incandescent bulb. The highest sewing speed is 400 stitches per minute.

The longest stitch length is 4 mm and the largest width is 5 mm. The bulb is made of transparent plastic and rises to a height of 12 mm. When winding a thread on a spool, it can be stopped.

The set has everything you need for your work. Several legs, including a device for sewing a zipper, two screwdrivers, a set of needles, bobbins and so on.

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Janome Graceful Gray Basic

Janome Graceful Gray BasicThe Janome Graceful Gray Basic sewing machine is one of the quietest models in this review. It is equipped with a comfortable vertical swaying shuttle.

Electromechanical control and manual mode in this device are not provided. It is possible to gradually dial the speed.

The body has a button responsible for reverse operation. If necessary, you can turn off the supply of fabric, delivering it to the work area by hand.

A total of 17 functions are available, including a button stitching device.


  • Good value for money.
  • Works perfectly with even the thickest and densest fabrics.
  • Characterized by small dimensions.
  • Beautiful appearance.

The body of the sewing machine is made of high-quality plastic of high strength. All metal elements are made on the basis of reliable stainless steel. The device works almost silently.

It will perfectly cope with all fabrics, from linen to tweed. A zipper foot is also included to allow you to sew in. You can even sew skin flap if you want.

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Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRWThe Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW sewing machine is equipped with an electronic control unit.

The speed of operations per minute is quite high – about 60. The design allows you to adjust the foot pressure on the fabric, the working area is backlit.

The fabric supply mechanism is switchable. In the complete set, there is a convenient fabric cover. It will protect the case from dust penetration on it.

This model is one of the best in its price category.


  • Good value for money.
  • Produces perfect stitches on all fabrics.
  • It works very fast.
  • A wide range of equipment.
  • Hardly makes any noise during work.

This machine allows you not only to sew. But also too darn or embroider, and work in various decorative techniques. Such a machine will sweep out the hinges itself. And beforehand it will measure the diameter of the buttons.

The device has a built-in electronic assistant. It will tell choosing a program of work depending on the type of fabric. All information is displayed on the liquid crystal display.

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Singer 7463

Singer 7463Sewing machine Singer 7463 is one of the most practical models from the leading manufacturer. It has long been a leader production of sewing and embroidery equipment.

The design has universal functionality. It is practical for use at home. This model can perform about 30 operations, there are two types of automatic loops.

The largest width of the stitches is about 7 mm. If necessary, you can change the sewing speed, foot pressure is also adjustable.

The body has a reversing button, there are an automatic thread puller and a sleeve platform. To store sewing accessories, there is a special compartment.

The machine itself will be stored in a soft case that comes with the set.


  • Sews well.
  • Reliable assembly.
  • Acceptable value.

Even the most complex tasks are perfectly designed. It works perfectly with both thin and dense fabrics. There is no jamming or stretching during operation.

The high-quality housing is made of durable plastic. No extraneous sounds appear over time. The complete set has everything you need for comfortable operation of the device.

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Janome DC4030P

Janome DC4030PSewing machine Janome DC4030P is a quite stylish model. It has excellent reliability and high-quality stitching.

Sewing can be done with a special starting pedal. A variety of stitching is selected on the front panel of the device.

There is a sliding compartment near the workplace. There you can put reels, needles and other items that should be kept at hand at all times.

There are speed and thread tension regulators in the design. The blade is horizontal here and there is a built-in thread puller.

The power of the device is not too high, but it will be quite enough for home use.


  • No noise or vibration during operation.
  • There are many different operations.
  • The built-in computer allows you to store in memory the most suitable programs.

The largest speed can reach up to 700 stitches per minute if operated with the panel switch. If you use the pedal, this figure can be increased to 840 stitches.

The machine consumes only 50 Watts of electricity, the foot is raised to the largest height of 12 mm. Everything you need for comfortable work is included with the device.

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Janome 2206

Janome 2206Sewing machine Janome 2206 works on the electromechanical principle. This model is perfect for both beginners and experienced seamstresses.

It has a function of automatic processing of the hinge, which saves a lot of time when sewing. The speed of work is quite high. The device has a power output of 85 W.

As with other models, there is a reversible mode of operation. The shuttles here is vertical swaying.

The weight of the machine is considerable – almost 7.5 kg. The working area is illuminated by a 15-watt incandescent bulb.


  • Very easy operation.
  • Supports all fabrics.
  • Automatic thread puller.
  • Bright enough backlighting.
  • Reliable and durable.

There are many types of stitches. Standard, decorative, overlock, double overlock, cell phone and so on. They are quite enough to get any sewing products.

The body is combined. Basically it is made of plastic, equipped with metal inserts, there is a handle for carrying. All key controls are located on the front panel. On the side, there is a foot pressure regulator, which includes a button and a flywheel.

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