9 Best sewing machine for leather 2020

Sewers who fulfill complex orders often encounter skin and thick fabrics. Not every machine can handle heavy materials. Specialists advise buying in this case, specific models of household and industrial types.

Those who need to buy the right device should get acquainted with this review of the best sewing machines for leather.

best pick
Singer Heavy Duty 4411

Singer Heavy Duty 4411

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  • adjustable needle position
  • high-quality
  • adjustable presser foot control

runner up
Singer Heavy Duty 4423

Singer Heavy Duty 4423


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  • automatic needle threader
  • high-speed
  • heavy duty frame

budget pick
Singer Heavy Duty 4432

Singer Heavy Duty 4432


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  • reverse stitch
  • a variety of accessories
  • long lasting durability

Singer Heavy Duty 4411

Singer Heavy Duty 4411The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 has an electromechanical control and a horizontal shuttle type.

It walks quite smoothly, gently even on delicate fabrics. The range of fabric varies from leather to silk.

In the options of the sewing machine provides 11 types of stitches. A wide variety of stitching types will allow you to choose the most optimal option for sewing.

You can change the stitch length up to 4 mm and width up to 5 mm. The options are selectable by means of switches.

This sewing machine has a semi-automatic hinge function. When working with rounded pieces of clothing it is possible to use a sleeve platform.

The top threading system has been simplified for ease of use on the machine. By varying the thread tension and foot pressure on the fabric, you can get beautiful stitches.

The body of the sewing machine is made of plastic in a grey color. The inner frame of the sewing machine is made of durable metal. It very well suppresses vibrations at work and increases the strength of the machine.

The lever for lifting the presser foot has two positions. If you raise the lever to the upper position, you can place several layers of fabric under the foot. There is a special compartment for accessories and a built-in light bulb.

The set comes with a soft storage case.

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Singer Heavy Duty 4423

Singer Heavy Duty 4423Sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is equipped with a rotary horizontal shuttle. Its functionality includes 23 types of sewing lines and the ability to knit loops.

Sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4423 has an increased set of stitches. With their help, you can not only sew products but also decorate them with decorative seams.

The availability of stitch length and width regulators distinguish this model among similar ones. As well as the fact that it has a high sewing speed and a more powerful motor.

Thanks to it this sewing machine can cope with dense heavy fabrics, such as leather.

This model has an extended set of stitches. It includes 12 decorative stitches, with the ability to adjust both stitch length up to 4 mm and width of 6 mm.

Performs the hinge in 1 step automatically. 3 positions of the needle relative to the center of the needle plate hole can be changed for sewing zipper or cord.

The foot pressure change function helps to get the greatest sewing results in both light and heavy materials.

The inner frame of the sewing machine is made of strong metal. It carries all the machinery, suppresses vibrations and increases the strength. Steel parts in the working area help to promote the fabric better due to its smooth surface.

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Singer Heavy Duty 4432

Singer Heavy Duty 4432Sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4432 has the largest set of lines among the models in its class.

With their help, you can not only sew products but also decorate them with decorative seams.

This is one of the most popular machines for sewing leather and thick fabrics. Beginners will find it quite difficult.

So most often it is preferable to a seamstress with experience. This sewing machine is distinguished by the presence of many unique options.

There are all the necessary types of stitches and interchangeable legs for sewing. You can also use the function of sewing zippers and attaching buttons.

Sewing speed reaches 1000 stitches in 60 seconds.

The horizontal shuttle is most convenient for filling the bobbin. It does not need lubrication. You will get a better stitch and less mechanical vibration. The shuttle rotates, not swinging like a vertical.

The attachment table on the sleeve platform increases the area of the working surface.

For the illumination of a working area, the standard incandescent lamp of capacity 15 W is used. There is also a foot pressure regulator on the fabric. This helps to promote both thin and dense materials.

The machine has a more powerful engine. It allows sewing at high speed up to 1100 st/min, and it is also able to sew heavier fabrics.

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Singer Tradition 2259

Singer Tradition 2259The inexpensive classic sewing machine Singer Tradition 2259 has an extended set of stitches. It knows how to do all the basic sewing operations.

This machine is perfect for teaching sewing, repair and sewing clothes.

An extended set of stitches, including decorative, will help you to sew a product and decorate it. To switch between stitching options, simply twist the special regulator wheel.

The loop is performed in the semi-automatic mode in 4 switches and without turning the fabric.

The advantage of this machine is that it is easy to take with you to workshops and sewing courses.

It takes up little space and is quite light, despite the fact that it has a metal frame inside.

The detachable accessory compartment allows you to work with narrow parts of products. Such as pants and sleeves.

The device is equipped with a speed limiter. The functionality provides 195 different options. Upper promotion helps to cope with the skin. In this sewing machine, an automatic device cuts threads.

The machine allows you to adjust the length of the stitch to 4 mm. The width can be adjusted only at the zigzag stitch.

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Singer 7258

Singer 7258Sewing machine Singer 7258 from the first look attracts with its unique design and powerful parameters.

The machine is able to create 225 different stitches and perform some functions. It is distinguished by its rectangular fabric feed mechanism.

It prevents the fabric from being stretched and guarantees even, neat stitches. This can be done on both light and heavy materials such as leather.

The number of operations is 8 and the number of stitches is 7. The loop is performed semi-automatically in 4 steps, without turning the fabric.

There is no change in the width of the operations. Only one zigzag line can be adjusted in width.

Sewing machine design uses a metal frame. The foot holder is also metal.

For thread trimming, there is a knife on the left side of the body. This sewing machine stands on 4 supports, one of which is adjustable in height.

Switching operations is done by turning a circular knob. All sewing operations on this sewing machine are switched in a circle. This means that the controller has no end position.

For the storage and carrying of the sewing machine, there is a softcover in the set. The material is very thin and not waterproof, to the touch resembles a tight paper.

Narrow slat with a foot pressure regulator enough to cope with dense materials.

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Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is a great option for creating products you have long dreamed of.

They attract attention because of the opportunity to decorate them with different things.

This model will amaze you not only with the quality of seams but also with a variety of functions.

They are able to simplify the work on this machine and save time, freeing it for creativity. Besides, this model is equipped with a hard case to protect against damage.

There is also a handy expansion table to enlarge the working surface of the machine. The set includes an extended set of 13 legs.

They will allow you to qualitatively perform many sewing operations.

Unleash your creativity with a wide range of stitches. Including basic, decorative and stitches for elastic materials. Use them to create clothing, home decoration, and needlework.

Sign your creation by adding a monogram, name or phrase. Use built-in italics and bold fonts and numbers. The machine can embroider lowercase and uppercase letters.

Hinge removal is done in one step and the hinges are produced each time in excellent quality. Hinge columns are pulled out in one direction. These hinges look neat, reducing the likelihood of missing stitches.

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Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRWThe Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW sewing machine is equipped with the “Box Feed” fabric feeding system.

The teeth of the conveyor belt are raised upwards, pushing the fabric under the foot.

During the operation, they describe a rectangular trajectory.

Due to the new conveyor drive design, full contact between the teeth and the fabric and foot is achieved.

This ensures excellent material movement and reduces the possibility of tissue damage.

Such functionality greatly simplifies the work with leather and other dense materials.

The screen shows the following data:

  • line type
  • stitch lengths and widths
  • thread tension settings
  • recommended foot
  • needle position (up/down)
  • mirroring
  • some other information

You can also see special messages with errors or hints on it. You can adjust the brightness of the display.

The powerful inner frame of the sewing machine is made of durable metal. This rigid frame carries all the mechanisms. It very well suppresses vibrations during operation.

It also increases the strength of the machine. Included expansion table provides a large working surface.

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Brother HC1850

Brother HC1850The Brother HC1850 sewing machine is one of the best choices for working with leather products.

Optimal settings for stitch length are set for the selected stitch. But, they can be changed to suit your personal sewing requirements.

The width of the stitch is also automatically reduced for double needle sewing at the touch of a button.

The automatic thread tension system ensures seam quality regardless of the fabric type. If necessary, the thread tension can be adjusted using the appropriate buttons.

This sewing machine cuts the upper and lower threads itself at the push of a button.

Pressing the “Up/Down” button raises or lowers the needle. You no longer have to twist the handwheel.

The button to start and stop sewing allows you to sew without pedaling. The speed regulator helps you control sewing depending on your work complexity.

The automatic tack function helps you fix the start or end of your stitches with just one touch of a button.

At the touch of a button, the selected stitches can be mirrored.

With the “Extend” key, individual stitches can be stretched up to 5 times their original size.

The position of the needle relative to the center of the needle plate hole can be changed to sew the zipper or cord.

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Singer Heavy Duty 4452

Singer Heavy Duty 4452If you need a simple but modern sewing machine, you should pay attention to the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 model.

It has everything you need for sewing heavy fabrics, even a special foot for suede and leather. There are also several other legs in the kit – for embroidery, sewing buttons, sewing zippers.

This sewing machine can perform three types of loops and several types of stitches. It can work on 50 preset programs.

Users talk about this model as a very powerful sewing machine. It simultaneously sews up to 12 layers of thick denim fabric, any skin thickness.

The control panel is very handy and easy to understand, even a beginner can easily understand it. The set of functions is quite enough to perform work of any complexity.

Hinge winding foot allows you to perform perfect hinges on multi-layer materials. The plate works like small tambourines and the machine moves the plate, not the fabric.

Thus, you can create the hinges in difficult places where normal hinge legs cannot promote the fabric.

You can create combinations of up to 60 elements in length from decorative stitches. It will be stored in the memory of the machine until the next time it is turned off.

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