Rating of sewing machines by quality and price [infographic]

Sewing is one of the oldest practices of mankind, which has been perfected for centuries. In all these years, sewing machines have undergone enormous improvements. Today we have the best sewing machines that have ever been designed. These devices allow you to put your creativity into practice and create one of the best sewing designs.

Choose a sewing machine and get lost in this variety? This Rating of sewing machines is for you.

How to choose a sewing machine and what to pay attention to? Let us dwell on the main criteria for selecting a domestic assistant!

The first thing, of course, is to decide on the type of sewing machine.

Types of sewing machines:

  • Mechanical

Mechanical machines have the lowest price, but at the same time, it has limited possibilities and not too high-quality stitching. But at the same time, this machine is easier and cheaper to repair, and thanks to the simplicity of its design it is still more reliable than other types, equipped with electronics.

This type of machine can be recommended for those who periodically sew simple products or repair clothes for themselves and their loved ones. Especially if you are limited by finances.

  • Electromechanical

Electromechanical machines are much more functional. They are able to perform many stitches and operations, they are more comfortable in work and the quality of sewing is higher. Accordingly, the cost is higher, and not only the machine itself but also its repair. However, for those who sew a lot and even earn on it, it is best to choose this type of machine.

  • Electronic

Unlike electromechanical sewing machines, electronic sewing machines have a microprocessor and, accordingly, an electronic type of control, i.e. machine actions can be controlled by means of buttons.

  • Computer

For those who appreciate not only comfort but also unlimited opportunities for creativity, a computerized machine is ideal. Its possibilities are simply not limited, and all processes are under the control of the program, offering not only the correct selection of threads, needles, etc. but also a warning about the error.

The price of these types of machines is the highest and depends on its technical equipment (display size, the presence of additional electric drives). Such a machine is more like a tool of the artist, only working with the fabric.

The next step is to study in more detail the best sewing machine manufacturers. Here, as in any other area, there are market leaders and little-known firms.

The best manufacturers of sewing machines:

The best budget machines with electromechanical control:

Janome Jem

Electromechanical sewing machine Janome Jem has the most compact dimensions. Easy to use this sewing machine has a set of all necessary operations. It can easily handle flat-felled seams on an 8-ounce duck. And it handles equally well a single layer of cotton with nice, even stitches.

Suitable for small domestic tasks such as sewing curtains, repairing clothes or making fashionable Tilde dolls.


  • sufficient number of operations;
  • affordable price and quality;
  • easy;
  • handy;
  • sews well.

Brother LS – 2125

The Brother LS-2125 will be an excellent choice for those who need practicality in use. 25 built-in stitch functions include straight, zig-zag, satin, elastic, and blind hem. Various operations in this machine’s arsenal will help you with almost any kind of fabric.


  • modern design;
  • compactness;
  • for a beginner, it’s easy to use;
  • the functionality is very good for such money.

Singer 8280

Inexpensive compact sewing machine Singer 8280 knows how to do all the basic sewing operations and is perfect for teaching sewing, repairing clothes, sewing simple things and other similar work. The sleeve platform will allow you to work with the narrow details of products.


  • works softly and doesn’t vibrate;
  • offers all the necessary operations;
  • easy to operate;
  • quality stitches.

Best sewing machines with computer control:

Brother INNOV – ‘IS 4000

In terms of functionality, very few models can compete with this one. This machine has simply incredible functionality and variability. You can do anything you want with it. Really thought-out every little thing. Large work area, large area for embroidery. And a handy touch screen. A lot of built-in stitches. The machine is perfect for embroidery, too.

The Innov-‘Is 4000 can surprise not only new sewers but also professionals.


  • many different stitches – over 1200;
  • large working area and super speed;
  • very convenient function to resume work.

Janome DC – 3600

A wide range of stitches will professionally realize even the most complex sewing projects. The LCD display shows the selected sewing operation and all recommended settings. The stitch overview table makes it easy to choose the stitch you need. The memory of the machine allows you to create new combinations of stitches.


  • works quietly;
  • many operations;
  • stitches are very clear, also when stitching thick places;
  • works perfectly with thin fabrics.

Toyota OEKAKI50 Renaissance

We could say that Oekaki is a machine with enhanced functionality. In addition to the standard operations, which are everywhere, there are also many additional operations that help in sewing. For example, there is an error alert. The machine doesn’t allow to tangle the thread or destroy the fabric, if the thread is not so tucked and many other pleasant things.

You can work on it for a long time, it doesn’t start to rattle, squeak, etc. Works well with dense fabrics and thin ones.


  • perfect design;
  • intuitive control panel;
  • great functionality.

Which sewing machine is better to buy

The main criteria for choosing a model will be your needs and level of professionalism. For an advanced seamstress, 15 operations will not be enough. And a beginner in this business is unlikely to need a cool sewing machine with 500 operations.

It’s not hard to find your own machine. Take a look at the reviews, make a list of options that the machine should be equipped with. Match the best models with your budget. Explore the rating of sewing machines. It will make things easier. The best sewing machine is already waiting for you!