How to choose a sewing machine? [infographic]

Infographic transcription:

How to choose a sewing machine? ( 3 things to consider )

First things first! If you are a beginner, think of buying a second-hand model. This will not only save you some money but also help to get used to sewing and see if it is your thing at all.

1. Weght

The heavier, the better. Nowadays there are lots of lightweight machines that break down on every good occasion. If you want a real loyal friend at your hands, it is better to go for heavy-duty machines. They are more expensive but they are totally worth it. In a long term, you’ll only win from choosing a heavyweight model over a lightweight.

2. Stitch selection

Many producers boast that their models have a crazy number of stitches. However, people tend to use no more than two kinds – straight and zigzag. So it is enough to make sure these two are present. It is also convenient to have an automatic but-tonhole. If you know you’ll need to make buttonholes, make sure your future pur-chase has this amazing feature.

3. Does it sew well?

Last but not least is the quality of sewing. Does the machine consume the material well? Is it able to deal with different kinds of materials? If you want to sew jeans or deal with other tough fabrics, don’t even look at cheap plastic models. If you don’t have an opportunity to check how the machine is sewing, at least read the reviews.