Embroidery machine vs Sewing machine: what is the difference?

If you are planning to buy a machine for sewing, you will be surprised to find that they are very different. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and differ in functionality and technology level. If you are a professional or an amateur, then there are many computerized machines, from which you can choose one that you will like. There are mechanical and electrical machines. And the variety of brands gives you great opportunities to choose the model you need based on your requirements and needs. Today, let’s talk about sewing and embroidery machines and find out what the difference between them is.

Sewing machine – designed directly for tailoring products of varying complexity. Depending on the model it has different sets of seams: from simple to decorative.

The embroidery machine is used only for artistic embroidery and is not designed for other sewing jobs. A similar model can embroider letters of the alphabet, a complex ornament. The main techniques of embroidery: smooth, cross, Richelieu, paillettes. Embroidery machines are supplied with various presets, can be connected to a PC for downloading embroidery schemes.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of machine.

Modern models of sewing machines is a complex, but surprisingly effective and functional tool for creativity. Modeling and manufacturing of clothes, a variety of techniques of decorative and applied creativity – the field for applying this miracle of technology is the widest!

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Acquire a sewing machine people of different categories and for different tasks:

  1. Tailoring. For professional masters and amateurs to create unique models of clothing, the sewing machine is the most necessary tool. The ability to sew significantly helps to save the family budget.
  2. Redesign and adaptation of finished models. There are many people with a non-standard figure or special needs for which it is almost impossible to buy beautiful ready-made clothes. The sewing machine also helps in this case. Simply saying, the sewing machine is designed primarily for joining 2 pieces of fabric in order to make a piece of fabric functional.
  3. Creation. This includes finishing with fur and leather, creating paintings from fabrics, tapes, and other materials. The sewing machine can do wonders here. In skillful hands it is natural.

The embroidery machine is designed for decorating materials of various density and texture with various artistic drawings, logos or ornaments. Modern devices are able to create both simple and complex embroidery of excellent quality. Full automation greatly simplifies the process, eliminates defects.

You do not have to be technically savvy to know how to run an embroidery sewing machine. Most machines can be operated with just a few buttons.

As with manual work in sewing machines, hoops are used, on which the fabric is stretched. During the embroidery process, the hoop moves along a path that has been pre-installed by the software. In principle, it is not difficult to work on the embroidery machine but it is necessary to take into account some subtleties. The picture you need is loaded into the embroidery machine, and she herself already converts it using her internal software. After that, you need to choose the necessary hoop size, fill the threads of a certain color, and you can start embroidering.

In modern models, there are many adaptations that can facilitate your work. For example, automatic threading of the upper thread or automatic trimming of threads, the sensor of breakage and termination of the thread. These functions not only save your nerves and time but also improve the quality of embroidery. Automatic thread trimming prevents the material from contracting, and the break-in and end-of-thread sensor prevent damage to the embroidery.

Some manufacturers offer machines that can both sew and embroider. Such models are called sewing-embroidery machines.

Let’s sum up: the main difference between a sewing machine and an embroidery is in its purpose and functionality. And of course, such machines differ in their design, again based on their scope of application.

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