11 Best embroidery machines for small businesses

Embroidery has always been trendy, but nowadays this trend is especially popular. That said, a good embroidery machine for a small business might be hard to find! You need to be sure that all of your requirements are met – that an embroidery machine is quick, precise and will last for a long time. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best embroidery machines that can be used for commercial purposes. Check it out first and then decide on your purchase!

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Best Pick: Brother PE800

One of the bestselling Brother embroidery machines. Perfect for home embroiderers looking for a fast, versatile, dedicated embroidery machine they can grow with over time.

Budget Pick: Brother SE600

This embroidery machine has all the functions that expensive modern machines are equipped with today. At the same time, the price of this model is quite affordable.

TOP embroidery machines for small businesses

Brother SE600

Brother SE600 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine is literally for anything! But since our focus is embroidery, let’s take a look at the features connected with that.

The machine has 70 built-in embroidery designs, but since we’re talking about business, of course, you would want to download your own designs for creating something truly unique – and that you can do! Update the device any time, the only limit is the size of embroidery – its maximum is 4 inch-by-4 inch. Apart from embroidery designs, there are also 5 embedded lettering fonts.

Brother SE600 is good for beginners. Very detailed instructions where everything is explained accurately and clearly. The price is pleasant – much cheaper than similar machines from other companies.

Brother SE600

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Brother PE800

Brother PE800 is one of the bestselling Brother embroidery machines. This one is just for embroidery. With touch screen LCD display, you’ll have access to sophisticated design and editing features. And that’s already great – it will make your work so much easier.

The machine is designed for making 5×7 inch embroideries. It has 138 embedded embroidery designs including 11 lettering fonts (7 English, 3 Japanese, 1 Cyrillic), 10 frame shapes, and 14 border styles. PE800 makes it easy to embellish everything from home decor to T-shirts!

You can upload your own schemes by using a memory stick or a USB port, whatever is more convenient for you. All in all, this embroidery machine is as great as it is. Take your embroidery to the next level with the feature-rich, user-friendly PE880 embroidery-only machine from Brother.

Brother PE800

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Brother SE1900

Brother SE 1990 Embroidery Machine (and also sewing machine) is a lot more advanced than the previous model. At its core, it is, of course, practically the same, but the main advantage is that the size of embroidery can be up to 5×7 inch. Plus, there is an extremely useful feature – color LCD screen. The screen reflects a scheme of embroidery, which can be edited right before making stitches! By the way, you can upload your schemes by using a memory stick – very convenient!

This embroidery machine also has 138 designs including fancy ones like frames, waves, and a lot more and 7 lettering fonts for monogramming. There are lots of sewing options as well! Not every sewing machine has 240 kinds of stitches. So, if your intentions are deadly serious, this might be the one for you!

brother se1990

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Brother PE535

This feature-rich embroidery machine is perfect for both beginners and experts. You’ll find incredible value and ease of use with the Brother PE535.

It features a 4” x 4” embroidery area, 80 built-in designs, plus fonts, borders and more. PE535 also includes a built-in memory function that allows you to import designs from a USB memory stick. The smart color LCD touchscreen display allows you to view designs in full color before stitching.

With it, you can create ornaments and other beautiful 3D projects, embroider on denim, personalize gifts and refresh things from your wardrobe with new designs. In general, this embroidery machine combines reliability and affordable price. Recommend!

Brother PE535

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EverSewn Hero

EverSewn Hero is both sewing and embroidery machine. This device is really modern – it includes all the features that have appeared not so long ago. The device is compact and lightweight and, at the same time, its functionality is quite outstanding. It has 400 stitches for sewing including fonts and decorative stitches. As for the embroidery, the size of it can be up to 110×170 mm (which is approximately 4×7 inch). The overall working space is 6.5 inch.

Designs can be uploaded, but if you need to, you can use one of 40 embedded designs. Not so much, but who needs a lot, when it is possible to choose whatever you like on the net or create something by yourself. To sum up, Eversewn Hero is truly great when it comes to creating. Sewing, embroidery, monogramming… Whatever you need to implement your ideas!

eversewn hero

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Janome MB-4S

Now, let’s move on to the real stuff! Janome MB-4S Commercial 4 Needle Embroidery Machine differs from the previous models in that it can do all of the work more quickly. Its remote computer screen allows you to edit and even create numerous designs. The four needles and several bobbins considerably lessen your efforts towards producing an embroidery. So, if your business is not so small probably and you have lots of orders to deal with at the same time, the machine of this kind is the perfect solution!

Janome mb 4s

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Janome Memory Craft 400E

Janome Memory Craft 400E is created specially for embroidery. Its main advantage is the size of embroidery space which is 7.9×7.9 inch! Now that is huge. So if you are planning on creating something really big and don’t want to waste your time creating and adjusting several designs, this machine is all you need to save up your nerves!

Besides, it is full of great features that are generally characteristic of embroidery machines. There are 160 embedded designs, 6 lettering fonts, and 2/3 letter monogramming feature. The choice is yours! Don’t forget to check the price on Amazon.

janome memory craft

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Singer Futura XL 580

Singer XL 580 Futura Embroidery Machine is one of the best embroidery machines produced by Singer. It is not just embroidery – it is also sewing. And both functions are really versatile. To begin with, the machine has 215 sewing stitches, which is a lot! As for embroidery, there are 250 designs, but, as usual, nobody prevents you from creating or uploading your own ones. 5 lettering fonts are designed specially for making your pieces more personal.

The greatest part is that this device allows you to stitch 12×20 inch embroideries! The technique which is used here won’t cause any troubles while making a big picture. All in all, you should definitely check this machine out. Dresses, jeans, and other pieces will look fantastic with embroideries!

singer futura

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Singer Futura XL 400

Singer Futura XL 400 is quite similar to the machine above, but it is portable, which is the key difference between these two devices. As for the rest, well, the amount of designs is less – 125, but you can customize them and combine them with letters (5 lettering fonts here as well), change some other details, etc., using a computerized system installed in the device. By the way, the machine above can practically do the same.

It is worth mentioning that this sewing and embroidery machine is suitable for those countries where the norm is to have sockets with 120 voltage (60 Hz).

All in all, if you know that a lightweight device like this will be enough for your business, then go check the price! You might be happily surprised.

singer futura xl400

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Singer Legacy SE300

The last Singer on our list is Singer Legacy SE300, which is a portable embroidery and sewing machine. With this device, you won’t face any troubles with tension – it is adjustable. The machine can deal with a variety of projects, such as decor, crafts, sewing., etc., but, of course, what interests us most is embroidery.

As for embroidery, there is, first and foremost, large working area (7/8 inch), 200 designs + the ability to upload your own ones using a memory stick, 6 lettering fonts, and more. The speed of 800 stitches per minute allows dealing with loads of work quickly and efficiently! So, if you are considering buying Singer, don’t miss this option.

singer legacy

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Brother PE800

This is one of the best embroidery machines in the ratio of price and quality. Brother PE800 is specifically designed for embroidery. Now embroidering will become even easier and much more interesting!

The machine has a USB memory where you can store your designs. With this new and improved embroidery machine with a large embroidery area and 138 built-in embroidery patterns, you can make various embroidery designs and decorate them with text (for which 11 different fonts are provided). Some of the designs include beautiful scrollwork, floral, and quilt patterns—plus 14 border styles.

The design can be easily adjusted using the Color LCD Touchscreen. This is very convenient since you don’t need to delve into all the technical details.

The model is lightweight, comfortable to operate and doesn’t tighten the fabric. Recommend to everyone.

Brother PE800 sewing machine

Those were the best embroidery machines for small businesses. If you know other options that will fit in this top, please, let us know in the comments below. We wish you to gain success in whatever area you are working in! Stay creative & make sure to bookmark our website for future articles.