Brother ce1100prw review

Today, we will take a look at one of the most popular sewing machines, which is Brother ce1100prw Computerized Sewing Machine. If you’re here to decide whether this model is worthwhile or not, whether it suits your needs, etc., then read on! But first of all, let’s get to know this machine visually; here’s how it looks like:

brother CE1100PRW

Quite classic! The first thing that catches your attention is a diversity of stitches – there are 100 of them! That’s a lot. This number includes 8 buttonholes, which is also impressive. Who would wish for more!?

brother 1100 displayWell, next to the stitches board we can see an LCD screen – it is a very helpful feature since it allows you to select stitches in the fastest way possible.

Apart from these great features, the machine also has other ones that add up to its handiness, such as, for example, an advanced needle threading system and a horizontal spool pin that makes flow smoother. The top bobbing is easy to set up and, in general, while using this model for sewing, you’ll notice how simple everything is. Practically no considerable effort is required to figure out how it all functions.

Brother ce1100prw has 7-point feed dogs, which is amazing since it provides smooth fabric feeding. If you are wondering whether there are accessory feet, don’t be concerned – there are all the necessary feet you would ever want to use: buttonhole, button sewing, blindstitch, overcasting, zigzag, monogramming.

brother 1100

Despite all of the advantages, we cannot leave unmentioned some of the drawbacks that made some customers feel unsatisfied with their purchase. The most serious one is that the machine is made of plastic and therefore not so durable as one might have hoped for. Plastic means easily-broken details, which is, of course, avoidable if you deal with the device in a delicate way. What plastic also means is lightweight details which make a sewing machine portable, and that is an advantage.

The other drawback is an inconsistency of decorative stitches that develops with time, however, it might be the case that a customer who made such a complaint was just unlucky with a particular item. Who knows? In any case, these small disadvantages ought to be taken into consideration.

Upon the whole, though, this is a nice machine that will allow you to put many projects into reality! You can use it for basic mending or for garment construction. Whatever your sewing purposes are, Brother ce1100prw will help you to accomplish them!

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