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Many people want to try themselves in the role of seamstresses but not everyone comes to start working with the help of an automatic tool for the home. In many respects, this is due to the complexity of the choice of the device itself, as well as the peculiarities of its operation. The rating of sewing machines will help determine this issue. Here you will find the best sewing machines of 2019, which deserved a maximum of positive customer feedback.

Best sewing machines 2022:

Best embroidery machines

Brother PE770

The model for embroidery opens our rating of the best sewing machines 2022. When choosing an embroidery machine for a hobby, pay attention to the Brother PE 770 model.

Simple loading of designs, easy filling of the top and bottom threads, the maximum field of the embroidery is 180×130 mm. The machine is compact and doesn’t take much space in the apartment but with it, you can transform your clothes and interior of the house with embroidery.


Six types of alphabets in the Latin alphabet, including numbers and punctuation marks. Ten shapes of patterns for framing, which can be combined with 12 types of stitches.

The manufacturer was concerned that after the purchase of the machine you could immediately try yourself in embroidery. In addition to the built-in embroidery designs, you can use other designs. For example, to buy a collection of drawings from the manufacturer of the embroidery machine on USB-media, to download from the free collection of the site of the official representation of Brother.


On the machine body, there are several buttons responsible for thread trimming, needle position (top or bottom), and Start/Stop button with the color indication of the machine operating mode.

One button press – the machine will obediently execute the specified command. The positioning of the needle is useful for checking the position of the design when embroidering drawings with docking.

A small, liquid crystal and informative display of the machine allows you to see a schematic image of the embroidered pattern, the number of stitches in the design, the change of thread, the time of embroidery, etc. In the machine, there is a built-in directory, where you can find tips on performing basic operations. This doesn’t negate the careful study of the instructions before you start working on the machine but a quick prompt at the right time is always useful.

The LCD display is equipped with the following icons: embroidery patterns, additional embroidery patterns, alphabet letters, border patterns, embroidery data card, drawings stored in the machine memory, moving the embroidery module to its original position.

For each icon, an additional menu is hidden in which a pattern for embroidery is selected or necessary settings for embroidery are made.


  1. Liquid Crystal Display.
  2. The size of the embroidery is 180×130 mm.
  3. Download designs via USB-flash.
  4. 136 Embroidery Designs.
  5. Easy top and bottom thread filling.
  6. Embroidering speed 350 or 650 stitches per minute.


  1. Resizing the design.
  2. Mirroring the design.
  3. Rotate the picture 1/10/90 degrees.
  4. Save up to 12 embroidery designs in machine memory.

Janome MB-4S

Janome MB-4S is specially designed for embroidery only! According to its characteristics, this model is as close as possible to the industrial machine. Janome MB-4S has many advantages that modern industrial embroidery machines have today.


The display of the machine is an interpreter that allows the user to talk to the machine in one language. And in this case, the display of the machine Janome MB-4S can be called a good translator. Bright, contrast, it allows you to work even in direct sunlight. The portable mounting method with the retractable barbell, easily accessible buttons. All functions are intuitive. There are connectors for USB Flash and PCMCA cards on the display. Among the useful buttons placed on the display, it is necessary to note the button “Start” and the winding of the reel.


Direct data transfer to the machine is done using the software and the supplied USB cable. You also need to have DigitiserPro software version no lower than 2.0.


Important for the embroiderer is the threading process. The ease of threading the bottom thread wins a little when compared with the top. Nevertheless, the change of the thread already filled is made quite quickly and looks like a change of thread in overlocks. You just need to tear the thread near the reel, tie a knot, release the presser and pull until the new thread passes through the eye of the needle. For the convenience of threading the needle, a standard needle threader comes with the machine.


A convenient feature is the ability to adjust the sensitivity of a broken thread. Namely, how many stitches the machine should make under reduced tension before it is considered that the thread is broken. There is also a possibility to switch off the lower thread break sensor, which allows using a special needle for embroidering the Richelieu.


The machine has built-in designs and alphabets. For a novice user, this is a plus, since it allows you to test it right away after buying a machine and at first don’t think about developing your own.


Important for assessing the sewing quality of the machine is the fact that embroidery on complex materials, such as crepe, silk, satin, and knitwear, using the lower tear-off stabilizer, practically doesn’t pull the material together. This allows you to get high-quality embroidery.


  1. The maximum speed is 800 stitches per minute.
  2. Color screen (6.536 colors) 120×630 mm.
  3. Automatic thread trimming.
  4. Direct connection to the computer.
  5. Embroidery format jef, jef + (Janome) and DSL (Tajima).
  6. Standard hoop: MB Hoop 240х200,126х110,50х50.
  7. Upper thread break sensor.
  8. Start/stop button.
  9. Built-in designs – 50pcs.
  10. Fonts – 10 pcs.
  11. Monograms of 3 sizes (10/20/30/mm).
  12. Stitch width 0.1-12.7 mm.
  13. The maximum number of stitches: 200 000 st.
  14. Ability to edit designs.
  15. Rotate the picture 90 and 1 degree.
  16. Mirroring the sample.
  17. Storing in RCS memory.
  18. Copying and overlaying.
  19. Button stitch forward/backward.
  20. External storage device: USB flash, PC card, ATA Card, CD ROM.

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Best sewing machine for quilting

Janome Memory Craft 6600P

The sewing machine Janome Memory Craft 6600P works with the speed and characteristics of a professional machine and, at the same time, with the flexibility and versatility of a household. This is a universal computerized machine for real professionals and addicted to needlework, which allows you to perform work of any complexity, including quilting.

Processor sewing machine Janome Memory Craft 6600 Professional – is an upgraded model of the Memory Craft 6500 machine. In the new machine, there is a double illumination of the working area, the ability to sew without the pedal was added, that will allow you to work more comfortably with embroidery, darning, and programmable lines.

The additional lift of the foot has a lock, which makes it easier to work with thick fabrics. With the integrated upper conveyor of the fabric, work with “complex” and multi-layer materials has become much easier, and the quality of execution is higher. To sew knitwear, there is a built-in tissue feed differential that will allow you to stretch fabric. The large working surface of the machine is expanded by an additional table with markings, and for the convenience of operation, a knee-lift is provided.

The modern horizontal shuttle automatically adjusts the required tension of the lower thread, and the professional upper thread tensioner will achieve the best stitch quality. The horizontal shuttle doesn’t require lubrication, doesn’t confuse the thread, behaves fine on thin fabrics, is convenient in the threading, works quietly and isn’t subject to vibration.

A powerful engine, a professional foot press force regulator and a strengthened rack allow sewing fabrics of any thickness range. Huge set of stitches, 7 kinds of loops and alphabet will impress, and large informative display with built-in tips does the work on the Janome Memory Craft 6600 Professional machine extremely comfortable!

The machine has all the necessary lines of configuration: a smooth change in length and width, mirror lines, a five-fold stretching and combining patterns using the built-in memory. You can also program point basting or thread trimming after the end of the program.

The speed of the machine is the highest of all processor household machines – up to 1000 stitches per minute on a straight line and up to 700 stitches per minute in a zig-zag. The machine is characterized by the highest quality of assembly, high degree of reliability, an excellent set. Ideal for professional use and almost unlimited!

  • 406 sewing operations;
  • automatic loop (7 kinds);
  • horizontal shuttle;
  • electronic needle puncture force stabilizer;
  • automatic bobbin winding off;
  • automatic needle threader;
  • smooth adjustment of stitch length up to 5 mm;
  • smooth adjustment of the stitch width up to 7 mm;
  • smooth adjustment of sewing speed;
  • the possibility of sewing without a pedal;
  • built-in upper conveyor;
  • fixed additional lifting of the presser foot;
  • professional upper thread tensioner;
  • editing stitches (mirroring, combining, stretching, correcting stitches);
  • free sleeve;
  • needle stop button at the top or bottom;
  • automatic programmable thread trimming;
  • large LCD display with contrast adjustment;
  • simple convenient control, built-in tips (sewing advisor);
  • reverse;
  • loop balance;
  • double needle sewing;
  • quick change of foot sole;
  • descending rack;
  • knee lever for raising the foot;
  • aluminium case;
  • side table.

Juki HZL-F600

The sewing machine Juki HZL F600 has 225 built-in different stitch options!

Juki, the leader in industrial sewing equipment, is now introducing high technology into your home with a new F-series of household sewing and quilting machines. This machine will exceed your expectations with functionality and reliability, even the professionals will like it. Get professional results with an even seam, great functionality, ample opportunities for quilting and making clothes. Use at home the many years of Juki’s experience in industrial sewing equipment and extend the sewing boundaries with the Juki HZL-F600.


No tightening of the fabric, even when sewing the lightest materials. A thick handle for the bag can be sewn without problems.


Rectangular promotion of fabric – the technology of industrial sewing machines! To ensure beautiful seams and impeccable supply of fabric, JUKI applied a rectangular fabric feeding system. The usual feed mechanism is an oval movement. Here, on the contrary, the tissue is moved horizontally. This advancement of the fabric prevents the material from contracting and displacing the layers. This fabric advancement system provides excellent stitch quality on most light and heavy fabrics.


Frequently used stitches can be selected at the touch of a button on the front of the machine.


Machines of the HZL-F series cut the upper needle and lower bobbin thread automatically by pressing the foot pedal with a heel. With this feature, you can concentrate on your sewing project, automatically trimming the thread.
It is also possible to cut the thread using the button located on the machine panel.


The HZL-F series has an improved fabric feed mechanism – a special steel conveyor belt and an improved presser foot holder system. Sophisticated sewing tasks, such as the transition from thin to thick place when filing jeans, can be performed with ease!


Using a unique sensor, the HZL-F series performs beautiful loops, regardless of the type of material.


Now it is possible to change the width of the loop by selecting from three options.


The knee lever allows you to raise the presser foot without using your hands. Ideal for processing large fabric parts, for example when quilting.


  • a wide variety of types of stitches – decorative/working/alphabet;
  • large LCD-display (33 mm x 66 mm) and easy selection of lines;
  • the highest quality of buttons loops, comparable to the industrial one;
  • 16 kinds of buttonholes;
  • automatic needle threading system;
  • automatic thread trimming;
  • exclusive automatic thread trimming by pressing the heel of the foot pedal;
  • high sewing speed up to 900 stitches per minute;
  • power when sewing at low speed (80 stitches per minute);
  • a movable presser foot for sewing multiple layers of fabric, including denim fabric and for quilting;
  • improved system of tissue advancement;
  • needle positioning button;
  • automatic winding of thread on bobbin;
  • dual LED lighting;
  • reliable and quiet control;
  • knee lever;
  • presser foot pressure regulator;
  • work table;
  • stitch width up to 7 mm;
  • stitch length up to 5 mm;

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Best computerized sewing machine

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960

SINGER company has released a model of the computerized sewing machine Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. It should be noted that the arsenal of lines of this model from SINGER simply shocks – 700 sewing operations.

The loop is sewn in one operation and the loops are obtained of excellent quality each time. The loop columns are swept in one direction. Such loops look neatly, the probability of missing stitches and the displacement of the fabric decreases. The buttonhole foot in combination with a special plate allows for perfect loops on multi-layer materials.

The plate works like a small hoop, and the machine moves the plate, not the fabric. This allows you to create loops in difficult places, where normal buttonhole legs cannot normally advance the fabric. This machine is equipped with a “Box Feed” fabric feeding system. The prongs of the conveyor of this machine are raised vertically upward, pushing the fabric under the foot. In the process of working they describe a rectangular trajectory. In the machines of the previous generation, the prongs of the conveyor moved in an elliptical trajectory and effectively moved the fabric only half the length of the foot. Due to the new design of the conveyor drive, a full contact of its prongs with the fabric and the foot is achieved, which ensures an excellent advancement of the material and reduces the probability of the fabric damage by the prongs.

Computerized Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which greatly simplifies the entire process of controlling the sewing machine.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 will delight both amateurs and professionals of sewing with a lot of built-in sewing operations, easy operation, automatic settings and adjustments, and other useful functions that make sewing even more fun!


  1. Lines of 700 kinds: workers, elastic, overlock, secret, decorative, embroidery of letters, lines for quilting.
  2. Direct selection buttons.
  3. Control of the selected stitch and sewing control on the display.
  4. Loops in automatic mode – 12 types.
  5. Embroidery – 3 kinds of the Latin alphabet and 1 kind of Russian alphabet in the machine’s memory.
  6. Stepless adjustment of stitch sizes.
  7. Adjusting the stitch width from 0 to 7 mm.
  8. Adjusting the stitch length from 0 to 6 mm.
  9. Adjusting the presser foot pressure on the fabric.
  10. Needle positioning system.
  11. Auto-threading.
  12. Automatic upper thread tension.
  13. Intelligent threading system.
  14. Adjustable fabric feed.
  15. Upper tissue conveyor.
  16. Disconnecting the fabric feeding mechanism.
  17. Error warning system.
  18. Quick change of foot.
  19. Free sleeve.
  20. Reverse button.
  21. Thread Trim Button.
  22. The ability to work without a pedal – the Start/Stop button.
  23. Detachable storage compartment for accessories.
  24. Lighting the sewing area with three LED lights.


The Singer Confidence 7469 electronic sewing machine has advanced functionality due to the connection to the sewing process of a computer unit that manages and controls quality. Carrying out 100 sewing operations, sewing 7 different loops in automatic mode and sewing with a double needle, this device can make products from materials of different densities and characteristics. The professional level of work is achieved by additional adjustment of the stitch width up to 7 mm and stitch length up to 6 mm, using the needle positioning functions and stabilizing the puncture of the fabric, using the electronic reverse for stitching the stitch.

Information about the sewing process is displayed on the LED-display, with which you can select the necessary stitch parameters, which can additionally be selected directly via the keys. The comfort of working on the Singer Confidence 7469 is enhanced by the installation of an automatic threader, fast bobbin charging systems and presser foot changing, the use of dual LED lighting and a removable hose platform.

The internal metal frame is a reliable base for a powerful electric motor, giving the movement of the 6-segment gear rack of the fabric advancement and the rotary shuttle of the horizontal arrangement.


  1. 100 sewing programs.
  2. 7 kinds of automatic buttonhole.
  3. Smooth adjustment of stitch parameters.
  4. Maximum stitch length 5 mm.
  5. The maximum stitch width is 7 mm.
  6. LED display.
  7. Built-in needle threader.
  8. Horizontal shuttle.
  9. Quick & Bobbin Drop & Sew System.
  10. 6-segment rack.
  11. Double LED Lighting StayBright.
  12. 12 direct selection keys.
  13. Electronic reverse.
  14. Needle positioning.
  15. Quick change system.
  16. Possibility to sew with a double needle.
  17. Puncture stabilization function.
  18. Internal steel frame.
  19. Free sleeve.

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Best electromechanical sewing machines

Janome 2212

Janome 2212 – the best electromechanical machine for beginners. A reliable, durable, low-key model with basic functions.

This model is suitable for beginners when working with simple sewing projects, such as clothes, bedding, accessories, crafts and those who are afraid to get confused in the advanced capabilities of modern digital machines.

The machine is popular because of its durability and efficiency. Despite the basic functions available, Janome 2212 helps to create professional products.

A long-lasting machine is able to work without problems with minimal maintenance and regular cleaning of the shuttle from dust.

Janome 2212 can perform 12 kinds of stitches and four-step buttonholes. Among sewing operations performed, there are not only straight stitches with different stitch lengths, “zig-zag” in several variants but also semi-automatic hooking of the loop in four stages. The function selector with stitch width adjustment is easy to rotate to the desired position. With the gear feed of the machine, this model is universal for most types of fabrics.

This model guarantees quality sewing, which is rarely found among this kind of sewing machines. All functions and basic options are easy to use and allow you to operate the machine effortlessly.

Janome 2212 has a number of undeniable advantages. The metal frame under the hull increases the resistance of the machinery to mechanical loads and extends its service life. The vertical shuttle of the machine is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. The working area of 2212 has a comfortable backlight, and if necessary, it is easily transformed into a cantilever console.

In its class, this model is optimal in price in combination with quality. Ideal for home use, for beginners in sewing but also useful for experienced seamstresses who prefer the ease of management with a basic set of functions.


  • front loading of the shuttle;
  • 12 kinds of stitches;
  • foldable carrying handle;
  • manual control of the tension of the fabric;
  • built-in yarn breaker;
  • stitch length adjustable up to 4 mm;
  • zigzag width adjustable up to 5 mm;
  • vertical and retractable coil holders;
  • bobbin winding device;
  • the length of the reverse stitch is adjustable from 0 to 2.5 mm;
  • incandescent lamp to illuminate the working area.
  • 9 presser feet.

SINGER Heavy Duty 4423

The sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is a multifunctional model that performs 23 programs, including overlock operation, secret folding, elastic stitching, hinges swept out in automatic mode and much more.

The universal electromechanical machine Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is designed for the most part for home use but the maximum sewing speed is 1100 st/min. The increased engine power and the pressure regulator of the presser foot on the fabric make it possible to work with both thin and dense materials. The reverse key makes it possible to fix the stitches and prevent their spreading, the removable sleeve platform serves for sewing narrow parts, and the automatic needle threader greatly facilitates the thread changing process. In addition, part of this model is an incandescent lamp that illuminates the working field.

The sewing machine SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 is equipped with all the necessary functions. With it, you can quickly and easily repair clothes, create any home textiles, sew buttons, sew a zipper, and sweep out the hinges. The sewing machine kit includes additional pawls, a set of needles, bobbins and a special plate for darning, a soft dust cover, an oil can and brushes for care.

Laconic gray color and strict design will please both classical lovers and adherents of modern style.


  1. 23 sewing programs.
  2. Loop in automatic mode.
  3. Horizontal shuttle.
  4. Automatic thread filling.
  5. High presser foot lift.
  6. Sewing speed up to 1100 st/min.
  7. Needle position adjuster.
  8. Adjustable stitch length and zigzag width.
  9. Maximum stitch length 4 mm.
  10. Max. Stitch width 6 mm.
  11. Foot pressure regulator on fabric.
  12. Internal metal chassis.
  13. The machine is mounted on a stainless steel tray.
  14. Detachable pencil case with accessories.
  15. Free sleeve for processing of narrow and circular products.
  16. The sewing speed is controlled by the pedal.
  17. Multi-segment reinforced fabric promotion strip.
  18. LED work area illumination.
  19. Thread cutter.
  20. Quick-change presser system.
  21. Built-in side cutter threads.
  22. Horizontal location of the thread coil.
  23. Built-in spool.
  24. Works with all types of fabrics.

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Best Sergers


Juki MO-644D – a reliable overlock with good functionality at an appropriate price. Professional edge processing for your models!

Its capabilities make it possible to carry out 7 overcasting seams with very high quality, and to set the exact feed of the material, a differential function is provided.

Convenient and simple reconfiguration of the overlock with 4 to 3 threaded seams, as well as a roller stitch. The location of the knife, as in the industrial overlock, will ensure high-quality and accurate trimming of the edge of the fabric. In addition, the overlock has the ability to smoothly change the length and width of the stitch.

The design provides for the presence of a presser foot controller, the installation of a high-power motor and an internal steel frame that guarantees stability when sewing.

It should be noted that this serger has been specially developed on the basis of industrial sewing equipment and has excellent indicators of speed, endurance, and build quality. The function of this model, which allows performing 15 sewing operations, will satisfy even the operator with experience.


Performs 7 types of stitches.
Switches from 4 to 3-thread seams.
Fast switching to the roller stitch.
Imitation of a stitch weld.
Differential feed of tissue.
Double leg lift for 6 and 8 mm.
Smooth variation of the length and width of the stitch.
Top position of the cutting knife.
Foot pressure regulator on fabric.
A convenient system for threading “Lay-In-System”.
Illumination of the sewing area.
Quick-change presser system.
Cutting off the knife.

Brother 1034D

Semi-industrial sewing overlock Brother M-1034D for many years remains at the height of fame among professional tailors. Such a popularity this model has won thanks to a reliable design and modern mechanism.

This multifunctional four-thread aggregate can easily be reconfigured into three threaded units, which increases the number of seam types to five, including flat and roller. Has a differential feed of material, independently smoothly adjusts the width of the marking and the movement of the presser foot. This makes the seam beautiful, even, elastic, regardless of the thickness of the selected fabric, excluding skipping stitches and other defects. In addition, electronic adjustment ensures the optimal harmonious operation of the entire mechanism, which significantly reduces the power consumption. In this case, the treatment with an overlock both of soft silk and heavy drape doesn’t cause problems. It easily copes with the most capricious materials, leaving a perfectly trimmed edge. We will not replace it when working with different kinds of knitwear and fleece, giving them a professional look.

Among other models (Brother 3034 and Brother 4234) the model 1034 is more convenient to use. Since several threads are used at the same time for processing the fabric, its multicolored regulators help not to get confused. The needles will quickly be ready with automatic refueling. By the way, both needles are attached with one screw, which makes it easier to replace them if necessary. Even this model has a simpler knife deactivation, performed with a single click of the lever. The bigger plus is the narrower sleeve platform. This allows you to easily handle small, such as children’s things.


  1. Performs 7 types of stitches.
  2. It is reconfigured from 4 to 4 threaded seams.
  3. Quick adjustment to the roller stitch (no need to change the presser foot and needle plate).
  4. Differential conveyor for feeding the fabric (for planting or stretching the knitted fabric).
  5. Smooth adjustment of the length and width of the stitch.
  6. The maximum width of the stitch is 7mm.
  7. The maximum stitch length is 4 mm.
  8. Convenient knife trip.
  9. Simple and lightweight threading.
  10. F.A.S.T. system;
  11. Lightweight adjustment of thread tension.
  12. Free sleeve for processing circular products.
  13. Adjusting the presser foot to the fabric.
  14. The maximum sewing speed is 1500 rpm.
  15. Illumination of the sewing area.
  16. Quick-change foot system.
  17. Works with all types of fabric, incl. elastic, synthetic, knitwear.

Best sewing machine for beginners

SINGER Fashion Mate 3333

Singer Fashion Mate 3333 is a modern and functional electromechanical sewing machine that will give you the opportunity not only to repair clothes but also to create complex products from various fabrics and materials, quilting and patchwork techniques. Elegant smooth lines of the case are a distinctive feature of the sewing machines of the Fashion Mate series.

The sewing machine SINGER Fashion Mate 3333 is designed for home use and allows you to work with both thin and dense materials. The machine will be a wonderful gift for those who are interested not only in sewing quality but also in fashionable design.

The machine has a large set of stitches, 28 sewing operations (straight stitches, zig-zag, concealed, overlock, knitted and decorative stitches and a semi-automatic loop).

In the sewing machine, there is a reverse, thread cutter, hitchhiking when winding the thread on the bobbin, high rise of the foot for sewing thick fabrics.

The machine is equipped with a modern horizontal shuttle, which ensures a noiseless and smooth operation of the sewing machine. Also, such a shuttle is very simple and convenient to refuel the bobbin and doesn’t require lubrication.

7-segment rake-conveyor fabric allows you to confidently sew any fabrics from the thinnest to coarse and dense materials.

An important feature of the machine is the presence of a needle threader, with which you can easily thread the needle and without eye strain.

Bright LED illumination of the working surface, allows you to use the sewing machine in poor lighting or in the dark. Such lighting has the advantage of preventing heating of the illuminated surface and more economical.

Thanks to the accessories box, you will always have the necessary accessories at your fingertips, which will help you with your work.

With the help of a tubular platform, you will be great at handling narrow and circular products.


  1. Performs 23 operations for sewing.
  2. Loop in semi-automatic mode.
  3. Horizontal shuttle.
  4. Needle Threader.
  5. Smooth adjustment of stitch parameters.
  6. Maximum stitch length 4 mm.
  7. Max. Width 5 mm.
  8. Automatic bobbin winder.
  9. Side cutter for thread cutting.
  10. Horizontal location of the thread coil.
  11. Internal steel frame.
  12. Multi-segment fabric promotion strip.
  13. LED illumination of the sewing area.
  14. Detachable pencil case with accessories.
  15. Free sleeve for processing of narrow and circular products.
  16. High Power Engine.
  17. Sewing speed 1000 st/min.
  18. Works with lightweight and dense fabrics.

SINGER Simple 3232

The last in the list of the best sewing machines of 2018 but not the last on importance is Singer 3232 machine. The classic Singer Simple 3232 sewing machine has a rich set of stitches, is able to do all the basic sewing operations and is perfect for sewing, repairing clothes, sewing household items and for other similar works.

The sewing machine Singer Simple 3232 is suitable for sewing all materials. Simple 3232 works well with such materials as viscose, cotton, linen, chintz, satin, coarse calico, dress and suit fabrics, coats, drapes, upholstery, leather, jeans. With the help of Simple 3232, you can do both home repairs, as well as making clothes or other products. The speed of the sewing machine can be adjusted very smoothly with the help of the speed control pedal.


The sewing machine Singer Simple 3232 can perform a number of basic operations of workers, overlock, secret, knitted, decorative stitches.

  1. Simulating an overlay stitch allows processing the edge of loose materials.
  2. A secret stitch allows you to make a filigree filing of trousers or dresses that would not be a noticeable internal seam on the outside of the product.
  3. Knitted stitches allow you to work with knitted string stretch material that protects the thread from rupture when stretching knitted fabrics
  4. Decorative stitches make it possible to create a unique look of a product or to update the appearance of things that you already had time to get bored with. Create original gifts for loved ones and decorate the interior.


Universal sewing machine Singer 3232 allows you to work with all kinds of fabrics at home. Whether it’s a thin chiffon or jeans in 4-8 additions, a universal sewing machine will cope with this. You can entrust it all your ideas.


Vertical shuttle – is popular, it is known by everyone who came across sewing. An old Singer model had such a design of the shuttle. At the vertical shuttle, there is a bobbin case (metal), into which the bobbin with the thread is inserted. Therefore, the cap is already placed in the shuttle of the sewing machine.


The stepless adjustment of the stitch width allows you to adjust the width operations as needed. This helps to not depend on the factory settings of the sewing machine and adjust the lines exactly for your needs.


The maximum sewing width of the sewing machine Singer 3232 is 5 mm. The maximum width of the stitch indicates the maximum distance between needle punctures. Usually, the width of the stitch is selected depending on the fabric and the type of stitch. Using decorative stitching involves choosing a wider zigzag for more beautiful processing,


Smooth adjustment of the stitch length allows you to choose the step of the sewing machine for the fabric with which you work. The thicker the material is used, the longer the stitch length of the machine should be. And accordingly, the thinner, the less.


The sewing machine Singer 3232 has a maximum stitch length of 5 mm, which makes it possible to perfectly sew thick materials or repair things from them. Such a sewing machine will be easier to move material and work with complex fabrics.


The needle threader is an excellent assistant in working with a sewing machine. With the proper skill, it allows without hesitation for a couple of seconds to get into the eye of the needle. Allows you not to strain your eyes and hands when refilling the sewing machine.


  1. It performs 32operations: workers, reinforced, finishing, overlock, knitted, decorative.
  2. Loop in automatic mode.
  3. Vertical shuttle.
  4. Automatic thread filling.
  5. Two-position lifting of the foot.
  6. Convenient knob selector.
  7. The length and width of the stitch can be adjusted smoothly.
  8. Maximum zigzag width 5 mm.
  9. Maximum stitch length 4 mm.
  10. Sewing reverse button.
  11. Built-in bobbin winder system.
  12. Detachable pencil case with accessories.
  13. Free sleeve for processing of narrow and circular products.
  14. The sewing speed is controlled by the pedal.

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Summing up, it should be said that the list of the best sewing machines 2022 can be continued indefinitely. Today, the market presents a huge number of brands in different price categories and with different functionality. What machine to choose for yourself  – you should define based on your needs and budget.